Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to Log Cabin Republican!

"Hello world!"

I'm sorry - a bit cliche, I know. I remember when I started college as a computer science major, in the vein of those "C++ For Dummies," "Java for Dummies," " For Dummies," we were encouraged to create our introductory program to simply say "Hello World" in a standard font. That was a million years ago. I ended up graduating with a double major in Classical Studies and Psychology, a minor in Anthropology, and was pre-med. I'm...not in medical school now. In order words, I have possibly the least marketable combination of degrees ever. However, my hodgepodge life since college, my fondness of writing, and my atypical lifestyle (conservative homosexual, what?) has inspired me to start writing some of my thoughts down.

My goals: I hope to change some of the stereotypes people have of gays and lesbians. I am neither trying to alienate my community nor am I trying to push an agenda. I just want to share some of my ideas and hear what other people think as well.

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