Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Conservatives are not the truth silencers.

In the wake of the "Obama has comparisons to Hitler," liberals have been the first to vomit back their pre-programmed doublespeak initiatives, mostly by countering that it is actually Bush who is Hitler-esque. They tend to first point out the Patriot Act and the unconstitutionality of the wars.

The Patriot Act was a directive imperative to realizing the goals forced by Bush to realize by the American people. I doubt it had adverse effects on anybody who was a law-abiding American. If you want to talk about censorship, let's visit a little Orwellian concept known as The Fairness Doctrine.

The Fairness Doctrine, popular in Jimmy Carter-era America, but declared unconstitutional shortly after its inception, dictates that media outlets must present opposing sides of a story with equal time and consideration. Basically it is in favor of liberals now because they fear (hate) conservative talk radio hosts. The irony of this is conservative outlets, with the exception of Ann Coulter, seldom do any hate-mongering or speak of things that aren't true or have the possibility of truth. I think the real victims of the Fairness Doctrine will be the liberal media, since they are prone to left-skewing bias and lambasting basically any conservative viewpoint. If you want to talk about a nanny state, look no further than the Fairness Doctrine. If the government doesn't have enough faith in the American people to draw their own conclusions and make their own decisions, why are we suddenly a great people again for voting for a "Black" (read: more White than Black) president? The great irony in that is he was voted in because people didn't read all the facts, ignored both sides of the story. They heard what they wanted and went with it. When they're being policed by the thought police in a few months, I wonder how they're going to make Bush responsible for that, too. I'm so excited for watching all the failures of the Obama presidency laid upon Bush. Liberals have already anticipated the fact people might realize their bullshit and are already propagating and seeding the media with ideas like "well Bush left the state of the country in such shambles, nobody is capable of fixing them." Make sure to cover all your bases and deflect blame onto anybody but yourself - it's what liberals do best.

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