Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did you hear the one about the gay guy who beat, raped and killed his straight 23 year old intern? Me neither! Nobody has.

A crime of the same atrocity and magnitude of the Matthew Shepherd tragedy...but nobody will ever hear about it. This is just another example of the liberal media bias. When Republican conservative Iowans were rebuilding their flood-ravaged cities this summer, the liberal media didn't deign to show their plight. They were too busy getting ready to focus on the next batch of Gulf trash whine, moan and bitch their gospel of self-entitlement the next time a hurricane came visiting. Why would they want to show that some people are totally capable of rebuilding their cities without help from FEMA and hundreds of millions of dollars of support? That would totally undermine the claims that FEMA's response was too slowly, and force people to consider that maybe, just maybe, the trash of New Orleans was - *drumroll please* maybe just lazy.

That's neither here nor there. The focus of this story is 23 year old, ironically named Jason Shephard, who, in 2006, was drugged, raped and murdered by 43 year old gay coworker William Smithson. Shephard, a straight, "nice Republican boy" from South Dakota who "liked to talk about his faith" had come to Delaware county, Maryland to intern at the East coast branch of his company. After turning down the advances of Smithson, who was known to have GHB (a date rape drug) and meth-fueled parties with the other homosexuals of the town at his residence, he was found 3 days after one such party wrapped in a series of sheets in Smithson's basement. The case just went to trial in Delaware county, where it has been pending this week.

I'm not going to get into the sordid details of this case. I'll post a link for you to find the story itself, since um, it's basically being completely glossed over by all media outlets except the paper in the small town the crime occurred, and a few other small regional papers. My question is: why? When this happened in reverse, i.e. a republican male beating and killing a gay democrat, America was forced to confront the horrible evils that result from small-town, close-minded conservative values. However, when a gay man brutally beats and murders a small-town religious conservative, the media just says "um, we're passing on this one." You know, maybe this will cause you to think twice and re-evaluate how badly you want your Fairness Doctrine reinstated. You might just have to start reporting both sides of the story.

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