Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's Wrong with Mitt Romney?

Obama Anti-Romney Attack Ads...enough is enough! Today while I was watching my Las Vegas reruns on TNT, I saw a commercial for Obama which attacked Mitt Romney, made questionable references and quotes about how he's "bad for America" to various tv and print media sources, and generally was as distasteful as Obama himself. Just when I didn't think it possible to lose even more respect for our President, he sinks to a new low. It's ironic that organizations which received taxpayer funded Obama-bailout money have been found guilty of exporting jobs overseas. These numbers can be attributed to directly. Nobody ever has an answer for which jobs exactly were shipped overseas via Bain Capital...were they people who worked directly for them? Were they employees of corporations Bain Capital invested in? Were they neighbors' cousins of a receptionist who once talked to a friend's friend who said Bain Capital ships employees overseas? Drop some names, please. In any case, the Obama bailout companies guilty of it are directly responsible and can be found easily. Are Obama suppporters so rabidly blind they don't stop to ponder that situation? Democrats are always turning tables without ever knowing what's on their own table first. They just throw a hankerchief over it so the public can't see and promise us it's something it isn't. The hypocrisy runs rank, like many Obama voters. What's wrong with Mitt Romney? Honestly, what's wrong with him? I'm getting the same thing that happened with Sarah Palin, where "she was an idiot" or asking "would you want her instead of Obama leading?" You'd say things like "well she has actual executive experience; furthermore, she's not running against Obama, she's running for Vice President," yet the election became a referendum between Obama and Sarah Palin, since John McCain had a pretty untouchable uncontroversial record. You'd say things like "what experience does Obama have? He's been in a state senate for 4 years, then the Senate for 2 years, then started running for office. He voted absent on everything." Don't answer my question by asking a question about Mitt Romney's scrupulous record. So far the only bad thing about Mitt Romney is he made his own fortune through determination, intelligence, and savvy. Isn't that like..the entire point of the American Dream? "Mitt Romney is rich! He's evil!" Well, he made his own money from nothing. That's more than you can say about John Kerry who hitched his wagon to the Ketchup star. He married money, someone with way more monay than Mitt Romney, and he parks his yacht in an adjacent state to avoid paying his state's more expensive harbor tax. Oh yeah - and Swift Vets. But John Kerry was apparently flawless and perfect. Mitt Romney, a good looking, respectable, self-made man is pure evil. Somebody tell me what's wrong with Mitt Romney?