Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A message to liberals

Liberals are as stupid as they are hypocritical. Name one thing Bush did that is Hitler-like? Did he mobilize uneducated and underprivileged youth, youth with a sense of entitlement to the upper class' money and possessions, by indoctrinating them ad nauseum with vagueries spoken with unfettered charisma? Did Bush want to create a civilian army that is "equally powerful" to the standing army? Bush started a war that you all begged him to, and then reneged on when you saw the price tag. This price tag, keep in mind, is infinitsimal compared to the price tag of the almost-trillion dollar bailout that democrats are now shoving down taxpayer's throats. Oh , by the way, that bailout wouldn't be necessary had Clintonian liberals (following Jimmy "The Antichrist" Carter's policies from decades before)not forced banks to ease restrictions on making loans to low-income applicants who could never pay them back, under the altruistic guise of putting everybody in a home. Home ownership, much like health care, is not a right, it's a privilege. See what happened when liberals mandate things? We have the worst downtown in half a century to deal with now. Imagine what will happen when liberals mandate universal healthcare to people. You need to understand - some people don't put in the work. Some people do. When people who don't put in the work start demanding the same things as people who do put in the work, they get restless. Now you have a predator preying off your frustration and restlessness, validating the income disparity as "unfair" rather than acknowledging it as proper free-trade capitalism. Now he's going to penalize and take wealth from the upper class in order to placate the majority, because the majority needs to be coddled and is incapable of realizing they got themselves into the mess they are in, and in the process create a socialist country. That, my friends, IS Hitler-like behavior.

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