Thursday, November 6, 2008

Through the Looking Glass...

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Hail to the Grand Inquisitor.

"Keith Olbermann" is a liberal language term for "elitist, pompous, self promoting, acrimonious, anti-establishment, communist poosack douchebag." If Keith Olbermann were a pussy, he would be a bloated, gonorrhea-ridden, yeast infected one. Haha - oh wait, he is a pussy. How did somebody who made a career commenting on sports - by default, a profession that requires a certain vapidness or vacuous intellect and a lack of real journalistic ability, get into a position where his opinions were solicited by anybody? I'm sure he would find a way to put Mother Theresa in his "Worst Human Being Ever" for focusing on helping people instead of spending her time scapegoating the plight of Calcutta's poor on the century-before imperialism of the British empire. He probably wouldn't have even given her a thank-you. What a f*stain. Who is he to attempt to eviscerate any person, let alone conservatives? Mr. Olbermann claims that conservatives need to be dragged into the civil rights movement "kicking and screaming." Nobody is against civil rights. Obama's election is not a victory for civil rights. It's a victory for people with nothing original to say to say it charismatically. Maybe once Olbermann gets his new tax bill he'll be singing a different tune, although any organization that is willing to pay him more than $250,000 is one I hope was not assisted by the bailout.

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