Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When the cat's away, the rats get away...with everything

It's been 4 days since the attempted terrorist attack by Nigerian national Omar Abdulmutallab on Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to attack we are all scratching our heads in wonder at how it even almost happened, considering the terrorist's own father alerted US authorities about his son's Islamic extremism. It's been 4 days, and the response from our administration? An awkward, credibility-killing about-face ("the system worked"...."the system failed") by mistakecretary of Homeland Security Janet Manpolitano. 4 days, and Obama's still on vacay. His excuse? "I'm tired."
I'm tired too. Some of us (white, upper middle class males) have to actually work twice as hard to get half as far in these politically correct times. In between working, my rotations, and a grueling coursework schedule, I'm atoning for all of the crimes my white privilege background has inflicted on people, Quantum-Leap style. Dr. Sam Beckett never did return home.
I love how the DNC spokesman, McCrazyName, releases some bogus statement moaning about how out of touch Republicans are for criticizing Dear Leader's lack of, for better words, balls, and how hypocritical it was that Bush didn't receive any heat for his delay in response to the Dec 22nd, 2001 shoe-bomber attack. Well, for starters, Bush hadn't slept since September 11th. I know some people think this is because he was orchestrating the attack on the WTC himself, which is just about as retarded as liberals' 21st chromosome trisomy. However, Bush was a real leader, who had the trust and support of the American people at the time, and wasn't seen as a milquetoast apologist.
Obama's policy of bending over may suit him well in the bedroom and his marriage, but it isn't working on the national stage. America is great. Period. I'm sorry for you cultural relativists, who argue that the ass-backward Mullahs of Iran and the dhimmis of Saudi Arabia are just as great as our freedom-loving, dreams-are-possible, lack-of-human-rights-violations society. You know, Americans are always trying to bomb hundreds of innocent Muslims on their holy days. That brings me to my next rant : racial profiling. I'm not for it, per se. I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists. However - all terrorists are Muslims. Stop appeasing these madmen. It's time to show the world again what we proved to them in 1911 and again in 1939-1945. Greatness is the product of American society, and nothing less.