Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pelosi wants it both ways

One wonders what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi.

In the latest mind-boggling decision, Pelosi proposes slapping a tax on Wall Street. This part makes sense, at least to liberals. After all, they believe that Wall Street and their deregulated appetite for greed caused the financial collapse - not the social engineering programs instilled by Democrats. The part that doesn't make sense is she now wants the tax (punishment) to be enforced overseas. The reason? TO STOP WALL STREET TALENT FROM GOING OVERSEAS. Check the full article out here:

Wall Street does not work for the American Government, Nancy Pelosi. The American Government, or what's left of it, doesn't get to turn an entire sector of the economy into a scapegoat using flawed logic, levy a tax against them as punishment (as if they don't already get taxed enough), then tell them they can't take their talent elsewhere, that they are forced INDENTURED SERVANTS of the American economy now, forced to perform their jobs at reduced wages and told they can't leave.

I'll keep Wall Street - I'd prefer Congress to leave. At least one of them does something for me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tears From My Father

So, a lot of people have been ranting and raving about how "presidential" Obama is. Completely circumventing the fact he has no experience, they were even willing to lambaste an innocent woman - somebody who wasn't even running against him - as stupid, as a "beauty queen" or "Caribou Barbie" because the fact she had more experience than he did earned their ire and irked them so much that they flew into a tizzy. Well, how is it presidential to use the White House as a bully pulpit to attack news networks?

It is clear that the media carried Obama's water for him. They are certainly to be thanked for putting a green, unexperienced special-interests-pawn community organizer with no real executive experience in the White House. However, one of these media networks - Fox news - didn't go along with the trend and reported things as they actually were. Now Obama and his fat slob of a spokesperson Robert I-need-a-bib Gibbs as well as various other cronies, not to mention The Angry Ballerina Emanuel, have it out for Fox, accusing it of opinion journalism masquerading as legitimate.

How "presidential" do you think this behavior seems to his family? How do you think his wife, his children, and his parents handle this? Granted, his wife is a monster and I don't know anything about his kids or his parents, but the example you set in life is the most important way to raise a child. His kids get daily doses of their father's arrogance, bullying and petulance. They see their father criticize and lash out at those who don't agree with him. What kind of message is that? Your job as a father is far more important than the position you get paid for, and if Rasmussen had a poll for that, his numbers would be even lower than his approval ratings.