Sunday, September 6, 2009

If a commie can't take the heat...then get out of the White House

Self-proclaimed communist Van Jones, Obama's "green czar" (ps why are we using terms that go back to a country which embraced socialism for nearly a century?) has finally come to his senses after pundits have mounted a weeks-long campaign exposing his links to 9/11 Truthers as well as his vicious, juvenile attacks against Republicans. As some of you may remember, Van Jones signed a petition accusing the Bush administration of orchestrating the 2001 terror attacks which has recently come to light, days after referring to Republicans as "assholes."

I must admit it is refreshing that somebody on the Obama administration decided to step down rather than embrace a decades-dead race card. In typical liberal victim fashion, Jones proclaimed making his decision amidst a "smear campaign" leveled against him. I love how when the truth hurts, it becomes a smear campaign with insinuations of slander. Sorry Jones - in an era where information is available at the click of a mouse, don't get upset when people call you out on your own unpatriotic past. It sucks having to pay the piper, doesn't it? To conclude, I'm kind of enjoying the fact this administration is finally having to face the music, and with so many members being called out recently, this is one cacophony that is music to my ears.