Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Andy Thayer, the GLN and Fiesta Azteca

About a week ago, in Alsip, IL, a suburb located approximately 20 miles southwest of Chicago, two gay men went to dine at a restaurant called La Fiesta Azteca. They claimed they were discriminated against by the owner and asked to leave. Accounts of what really happened that night differ, as they often do after such events. The gay couple claim that they were merely interacting with each other as any couple in love would - i.e. what most people would probably define as mild PDA, things like gentle kissing, hand holding, cutsey-couple things. The owner, in his interview on Fox news, claimed they were going at it pretty hot and heavy. He insinuated the couple was acting inappropriately by any standards regardless of gender. The gay couple played the homophobia card and a "kiss-in" was staged at the institution.

My motive for writing about this is not to discuss how these events have probably hurt business (and they have), and it is not to talk about the reactions of the sample population polled by Fox News (the people shown on the original segment which aired were not in favor of same-sex PDA, or any PDA for that matter. They also expressed concern that same-sex kissing as well as a gay kiss-in protest would hurt business and create an uncomfortable atmosphere for diners in a family oriented restaurant). I also am not interested in the Illinois State Law, which states that if you want to ban kissing in your establishment, you must post a sign that says so explicitly. If a sign is not posted, you must tolerate all kissing, regardless of the sexes involved. What I am most interested in is the hypocrisy and violent reaction of the GLBT community whenever they "feel" their "civil rights" are being infringed upon.

I would like to address the visceral and violent reaction of the GLBT community to perceived snubs. I received this e-mail through Facebook yesterday, in response to the "kiss-in" that was held at La Fiesta Azteca. I shall reproduce it here:

------------------------ E-mail pasted below ---------------------
Hi everyone,

We have received at least one report of an attendee at Friday’s Kiss-In receiving a phone call from someone purporting to be from the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) making threatening remarks about Kiss-Iners being on the receiving end of a potential lawsuit from La Fiesta Azteca due to “loss of business.”

Please understand that if you receive such a phone call, it is NOT coming from anyone at GLN. During the latter part of our Kiss-In or immediately after it, someone from Fiesta Azteca apparently picked up the GLN sign-up clipboards from a table in the restaurant and has used them to make these false phone calls while impersonating being a GLN member.

Unfortunately, thanks to this apparent theft of the clipboards, GLN does NOT have your email addresses or phone numbers, and so if you would like information about the Pride Parade contingent (and other activities), please send an email to – say that you were at the Kiss-In and wish to be on the GLN list, and give your name, email address and/or phone number.

Please understand that for someone from Fiesta Azteca to be making these fraudulent phone calls means that instead of any participants in our Kiss-In potentially facing a lawsuit, it is the makers of these calls who are themselves breaking the law and potentially subjecting themselves to criminal and civil proceedings. If you receive one of these calls, please do the following:

1) Look at your caller I.D. (if you have it) and copy down the phone number and any additional information it provides about the caller.
2) Take careful notes as to what the caller says, getting exact quotes where you can.
3) Ask the caller to give his/her name, and copy that down.
4) Do not make threatening remarks against Fiesta Azteca or offer up any information about yourself or others.

Sorry for this hassle, but apparently La Fiesta Azteca were even greater homophobes than we thought they were originally.

Finally, thank you again for participating in the Kiss-In!!


Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network
Frank Nielsen
Danny Hankes

--------------------------------- End of E-mail --------------------

Mr. Andy Thayer is making quite a few brazen accusations in this letter. Nowhere does GLN claim to have incontravertible evidence that makes it clear beyond a reasonable doubt that the theft of the clipboards was perpetrated by an employee of Fiesta Azteca. It seems only that it was implied. Many possibilities regarding the theft of the clipboards exist. Maybe it was a concerned citizen with no ties to the restaurant. Maybe it was someone who had religious or moral objections to a same-sex Kiss-In. To give Mr. Thayer the benefit of the doubt, maybe it even was an employee of the Fiesta Azteca, trying to save their family business from financial ruin. Saving a venture which requires the investment of the amount of money that a restaurant requires does not translate to "homophobia." It is not "homophobic" to want customers to eat at your restaurant, and it is not homophobic to want 99% of the customers at your ***family-oriented establishment*** to feel comfortable at the expense of 1%. But like I said, I'm not getting into whether or not I agree with the owner's actions or the couple's kissing. I am getting into the fact I disagree with the loathesome methods the GLBT community has recently employed to circumvent freedom of thought.

I am reminded of the recent debacle over Prop 8 in California. The GLBT community responded to people who supported Prop 8 by violating their privacy while embarking on a witch hunt that would have made McCarthy blush. People who donated money - specifically the Mormons - in favor of preserving traditional marriage had to face a veritable shitstorm. Many had their identities published on a "blacklist" and as a result, faced a barrage of harassment. Their employers received angry phone calls, their businesses were boycotted, many of them were fired or forced to resign, they dealt with crude phone calls and e-mails, etc. Now, a similar thing is happening to the owners of a small, Mexican family restaurant in suburban Chicagoland, all because they wanted to make sure the majority of their customers felt comfortable dining there. It seems to me the GLBT community is responding to intolerance in kind. I urge La Fiesta Azteca's owners to confront Mr. Andy Thayer about his slanderous claims of "even greater homophobia" and his insinuations that it was a restaurant employee who stole the clipboard signup sheets.

From my own experience, gay men and women seem to want equal treatment. They don't want to feel left out and they want their love to be acknowledged to be as valid as their heterosexual counterparts. However, I think the GLBT community needs to become acquainted with the term "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Gay men and women long for marriage. Not content to be granted "separate but equal" privilegels of a domestic partnership or civil unions, they want marriage, a religious sacrament that is defined as a union between a man and a woman. It's ironic, considering how many gay men and women I know who have as high an opinion about religion as they do of George W. Bush. How does the gay community go about trying to achieve this equality? Perpetrating stereotypes. Whether we like it or not, society perceives our community as one which claims the wholesale rejection of heteronormative behavior, a community with escalating rates of sexually transmitted diseases (implying a disregard for safety or honesty), and a penchant for having anonymous sex, either through bars or the rabid use of the Internet to engage in risky sexual behavior devoid of emotion. I am, of course, not claiming the entire community is guilty of these actions. I know many people will complain about my use of the word "guilty" because many people adhere to some ridiculous notion of relativism in which one group's standards or morals are equal to another's. Regardless of it is the entire community or just a vocal and highly exposed minority, the fact remains: if we want middle America to accept us, we have to start living by the set of morals they do, or at the very least, not spit on them. If our community wants equal rights and equal respect, be prepared to meet the 90% halfway. Who are the 90%? The percentage of the population whose acceptance we have made clear we desperately want. We can't react to intolerance with worse intolerance and violence. This isn't a shouting match. If we truly want society to accept and embrace us, we have to accept, no, I daresay respect, their values and shortcomings. At the end of the day, do you want somebody to treat you equally because they respect you? Or are you content in somebody treating you as an equal only because you destroyed their life, their business, forced them to feel uncomfortable and threatened legal action against them? We all speak for each other, whether we like ir or not. Your actions speak for me and vice versa, because we all belong to the same community... and right now, I don't like what you're saying.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Regarding Illegal Immigration

Several months ago, Secretary of "Homeland Security" Janet Crap...Napolitano made healines for what I think is an inexcusable gaffe. She bellowed that "entering the country illegally is not a crime, per se." That sentiment echoes the open-borders acivists, who I am going to start calling the "pro-illegal activities activists" in light of MSNBC and the AP's recent decision to begin referring to pro-lifers as "anti-abortion rights activists." In fact, I may play with words all throughout this post.

In any case, the mentality of many on the Anti-Right (the Left, which fittingly comes from the Latin, for sinister), especially lobby groups like La Raza (pro-illegal activities activists slang for 'The Race'). They often decry that "nobody is illegal," or carry signs at protests with slogans like "All immigrants are legal immigrants." So-called "elites" on the Anti-Right make the argument that today's illegal immigrants are like modern day Italians, Irish, Germans and other Europeans arriving on the shores of Ellis Island a century ago. They say that much like those immigrants assimilated and became part of society, so will the ones entering the country illegally from south of our borders.

When did "borders" become such a dirty word? One wonders when liberals will decide to want to rename the evil, capitalist chain of book sellers to something less oppressive or offensive, maybe something like "Wade on Across!" This brings me to my point: America's cultural history, its zeitgeist, is full of stories of the poor Italian, who scrubbed shoes at the train station for two years to save the money to come to America. Or, the boy from the slums of Dublin who overcame disability, malnutrition and abject poverty, saved money over the course of years from odd jobs, and boarded a ship bound for America. None of these people had the luxury of wading across the Rio Grande in the thick of the night and dropping off an anchor baby in order to capitalize on America's generous social (in)justice programs. Becoming an American citizen was a source of pride for my ancestors - I know because I have heard it firsthand. These immigrants may have stuck together at first in the ethnic ghettoes of New York, Boston, Chicago and a host of other cities, but they wanted to be here. They wanted to assimilate and become members of their communities. They wanted to succeed and usher in a new era in their family history. I imagine these early pioneers, eyes full of hope as they took any job they could amidst Sinclair's Jungle-like working conditions. They evoke images of the romantic Frontier, the pioneers of the West. Young families setting out in search of opportunity, grabbing their future by the horns and making their own destinies. Our entire society is the apotheosis of their gritty determination, borne from the American spirit itself. One thing I don't recall these immigrants doing is demanding their new host country accommodate them by posting signs in their native languages and offering bilingual services. When you moved to America, you did so to become an American.

These Left-anointed modern day "pioneers" from the south come here for a myriad of reasons. Many come and are as industrious and hard working as anyone. Many become integrated parts of the communities in which they settle. However, I know that 12 million Italians, Irishmen and Germans didn't stowaway on ships during the 19th and 20th centuries illegally. That is, however, approximately the number of people who did come here illegally from the south. I'm not only targetting Mexico. People come here from everywhere illegally, through various entry points. I don't doubt they want to be here...but once they are here, they are more interested in living in enclaves with little to no interaction with the outside world. These enclaves become hotbeds of criminal activity and strife. These people don't want to - and many will never - assimilate to our way of life. They're only here for the handouts.

These reasons are exactly why blanket amnesty must never be considered. 12 million people receiving amnesty is 12 million slaps in the face to the courage and dedication demonstrated by the immigrants of generations past. It is spitting on our entire way of life, and it is setting a dangerous precedent. It is saying the American way of life no longer belongs to Americans. 3 centuries ago, we were a nation of foreigners living in the same land. Today, we are a culture. I just hope enough people are interested in preserving it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Liberal theft

With all the recent talk of nuclear missiles, mutual disarmament, and the removal of Islamic, psycho-Jihadis as a terror classification (all thanks to Chairman Zero [thanks Moonbattery]), I began thinking about what the immediate consequences of these actions are. I know that personally, the first thing I insinuate from this is that Obama is deliberately trying to induce America's decline.

Then I realize something else, something I wish other Americans realized. I wish that Americans realized they possess(ed) a weapon of unlimited power - the American spirit. This ethereal notion, championed by leaders from Washington to Reagan, is an idealogical manifestation of our Constitution, which itself was founded on Judeo Christian values. If you ask me, America is already a utopia; liberals needn't tax, regulate, confiscate and self deprecate us into an artificial one. You can come to America as the biggest nobody there ever was, and through hard work and by the grace of Providence become a real somebody. There is enough pie out there for all Her citizens, because we are a generous and industrious lot who, as Americans, possess a shared divine spark - the desire to improve ourselves. This gives us the ability to laugh in the face of adversity, to repel the deluge, to survive the flood.

I think we are exceptional. I understand why the world hates us: they don't understand that good things don't come easily. They mistake their laziness for exclusion. This America-directed hatred is no longer relegated to countries outside our domain, it now divides our country into those who have faith in the American way, and those who are unwilling to take that leap of faith. We call them the "haves" vs the "have nots." In my context, it goes much deeper than money. The "have nots" lack something so much more than just money, they lack the desire or will to live as Americans. When we don't get something, we don't get jealous and demand our Congressional representative to either steal or subsidize it for ourselves. We don't get jealous because we don't feel entitled to it in the first place - conservatives don't view the world through that framework. The reason you can't keep up with the Joneses is not due to chance, or some genetic lottery, or some perceived injustice. America was founded as an equilizer - it starts us all out at the same place. The reason you can't keep up with the Joneses has to do with YOU, not the Jones family. Liberal vitriol - the constant, seething hatred they all spew - makes sense when understood in this context, in the sense that I'm sure it's very painful to reflect upon a life of missed opportunitie and could-have-beens. Some people take solace in the fact that America is still the Land of Opportunity, that there are such things as second chances. In fact, here, there are such things as 10th and 20th chances. Some of us give up and are content to retire from the idea of betterment, to resign ourselves to the Nanny government and its handouts. My problem is not so much with the fact that certain people receive handouts. I would never begrudge somebody who stumbled into hard times, I have been there (am there currently) myself, as have people who came before me and as will those who come after. What I begrudge is that some people think their handouts should be paid for by everybody else. THEY begrudge everybody else. To get your piece of the pie, put in the time and more pie than you could ever dream will come to you. Stop trying to steal the piece I have, the piece that started as a dream, then a vision, then crust, the piece I sacrificed and worked for. It won't be as filling when you eat it.

Finally, this attack on the Christian religion must stop. I am not excusing bad behavior. However, Christians are not educating their faithful in taxpayer subsidized institutions on how to bomb and destroy buildings. Christians do not espouse a worldview which directs us to kill infidels, to "behead those who criticize" it, to punish by death those who speak ill, or those who choose not to believe in, our God. In times of crisis, it's Christian charities that you hear about donating money after every natural disaster. We hear of priests and nuns giving the homeless sanctuary, feeding the poor, caring for the sick and orphaned. In prison, does an Imam come to you to give you solace and comfort? Yes, some priests are bad seeds. Yes, shit happens. Yes, it is disappointing. How does turning away from God make any sense in times of confusion and despair? From a logical standpoint, Christianity is more valuable now than ever - as a bulwark against radical extremists. Good and Evil are qualities that exist in everyone of every creed. Modern, (Western) Christianity teaches us to embrace the former, to seek it in every aspect of our lives....and radical Islam does not.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Michelle Obama, First Socialist

I know people love her because she's a black woman who doesn't look like Queen on the Scene from tmz, but words don't lie:

“The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.” — Michelle Obama, April 8, 2008

Instead of STEALING my pie, the pie I gave up my twenties and going into a quarter million dollars of debt to educate myself in order to achieve, why don't you work as hard as I did? Is it racist to assume people have the same drive as I do because I'm white? Am I being insensitive to people who'd rather have fun, have kids and postpone adulthood? Honestly, being on your parents insurance until 26 is shameful unless
your name is Helen Keller.

She is a socialist. Her husband is a socialist. Don't call your congressmen. RECALL THEM!

Enjoy the little time you have left, dems, under the auspices of your socialist master and his baboon wife. You'll be going home after November.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You can't order Bipartisanship A la Carte

Well, well, well. The chickens have come home to roost. Demorats, led by Steny Hoyer (D-Shitsville), have begun receiving death threats. Oh, it's so hard to imagine why this would possibly be happening... I mean, if you kick a sleeping tiger over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, then ignore it when it gives you warnings, then kick it a few more times for good measure, it KILLS YOU. I'm not saying people are literally going to kill the Democrats. I didn't just receive 3 wishes from a Genie, after all. What am I saying, is Democrats, who gave Republicans and Americans the middle finger during their 3 attempts at Healthcare, lying, bribing and cheating their way until their master Obama was satisfied, are now "surprised" that people hate them.

Let's review the facts. First you tried to jam a healthcare proposal through Christmas. It didn't work. You tried again, but pesky Scott Brown was voted in what was an obvious national referendum on the fact nobody wanted your crappy healthcare plan. Only Obama would be arrogant enough to perceive both these snubs as an indication to try again. And try again he did, except he pulled out all the lying, cheating stops. He made backroom deals in a maneuver my friends who work as Hill staffers even decried as Machiavellian. When Brown was voted in, Republicans said "let's start over, from the beginning. Don't do reconciliation." Harry Reid sniveled back "nobody's talking about reconciliation!" He also promised that both parties would work together from the beginning. Oh, but our minority-quota Harvard-accepted Adolescent in Chief's ego was bruised, the poor man(boy). Weeks later, Reid reneged on his promises of starting over with a spirit of bipartisanship. Democrats said "FUCK YOU" to bipartisanship.

And so they passed their illegitimate plan, and people got sick of being kicked in the nuts. So they started making it known how seriously they disapprove. And now the Democrats are crying to Republicans! "Please unite with us in bipartisanship and tell them that threats are bad! Protect us!" the 209 assholes who might as well be marked for dead cry and pout! I for one would be happier to pull the metaphorical trigger on each and every one of them. Come what may in November, my friends. Your lives are safe, but trust me, your careers are not.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Stu Ostro, you're a Chill Shill

I apologize for my lame subject title, I wanted to borrow Stu's absolutely ridiculous habit of rhyming, or alliterating, combined with his charming ability to repeat Leftist government talking points while miring in his own idiocy. This is not surprising onsidering is tied to the government-funded NOAA. Stu wrote a large article on today's about how this past winter can best be characterized as "relentless." He then spirals off onto a 3 paragraph tangent, huffing and puffing about how despite record snow events and a persistent blocking ridge over Greenland than funneled Arctic air right into the Caribbean, it's actually the 2nd warmest January ever, and that anthropogenic warming is the culprit. Apparently Stu Ostro, the snake oil salesman of meteorology, doesn't want to lose credibility or the one other reader of besides me. Well, it's kind of funny, because Stu first mentions that the El Nino of 2009-2010 (which I predicted last April) was the 4th strongest on record. Then he squawked about how this winter was the 2nd warmest in some places. Then, he attributed it to man-made factors. Let's review definitions, Mr. Ostroass:

1. El Nino warms the ocean.
2. Air passing over the ocean takes on the temperature of the water beneath it (think 6 months of straight 90 degree weather in Miami), making the air warm.
3. That air blows over America.

So, if it's El Nino's fault for warm air, that would be responsible for the overall warmmess of this past winter. NOT HUMANS. Unless billions of boatloads of humans started dumping boiling water into the Pacific Ocean at some point.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Open their wallets, not our borders

In case you didn't know, I am fiercely anti open borders. Even though the day has already come when the greatest threat to our nation emerged from the inside ( see Obama), our national sovereignty - and preserving what's left of it - is more pressing than ever.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama the Cat Burglar

This post is written by Benjamin Jenkins.

Our president resembles a cat burglar. He's tried the front door, locked. He made his way around the house to the back door, also locked, along with all the windows. Despite years left to accomplish the task, he has no patience. So, he digs a hole in the rose garden and attempts to tunnel directly into the house itself. Imagine his surprise when he wakes the sleeping doberman directly above him.

The rest is written by me, the usual blogger:

Imagine his surprise as well when he realizes he has totally compromised the house's foundation.

I think this metaphor is very apt. Our president is ridiculous. He's had the door slammed in his face twice regarding healthcare. How arrogant do you have to be, how clinically narcisstic must you be, to say "okay, we'll wait a week and try again!"?
With each pass, fewer people support this whole mess.

Obama: GO TO HELL.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adam Kokesh: Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

I will confess up front this post is mostly reciting Michelle Malkins post but I think it's worth repeating. Don't be fooled by Adam Kokesh, a smear merchant running for Senate in New Mexico. like the plot of the Illuminati infiltrating the Vatican in Angels and Demons. Remember just a few years back, mr Kokesh marched around in a mock army uniform and holding a flag upside down, protesting the war effort. You can choose not to support our war, but don't protest our country and it's servicemen and women. Jerk.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Chicago Way or the Highway

Rahm "The Ballerina" Emanuel, the hot headed douchebag Chief of Ass of the Imperial Palace of America, formerly known as the White House during our days of a democratic Republic, has been in rare form the last few weeks. Now come accusations of naked shower bullying to force Eric Massa to resign over his no vote on healthcare

While I'm not sure, or even care, if Massa is guilty of sexual impropriety, I believe there is credence to his claim that the demonrats are forcing him to resign over his refusal to go along with obamacare. And I'd like to use this as an opportunity to challenge Rahm Emanuel to a fight. Don't mess with a bull, you get the horns. I'm tired of the pusses in DC too afraid to stand up to this Nazi. While I'm sure Rahmbo is not one of my 4 readers, if you read this, please, allow me to speak for the American people via a gentlemanly thrashing.

You may reach me at

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today, while driving around the overly congested streets of Chicago, it occured to me: liberals are like those people who talk or text on their cell phones when they come up to an intersection. They don't look up to see if they have the right of way, they just begin walking into the street under the mistaken pretense of "the pedestrian always has right of way" -they don't. Inidentally those are the same people who react violently if you honk at them and they're also the first person to point out people who talk on their phones while driving. In essence, they are vitrioloc hypocrites who react irrationally when you wake them from their self important delusions.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joe Klein

well now I know definitively that if you click a link to an article in Time, it will be insanely lefty biased. Let them not even entertain the illusion that they have no bias.