Friday, March 19, 2010

Stu Ostro, you're a Chill Shill

I apologize for my lame subject title, I wanted to borrow Stu's absolutely ridiculous habit of rhyming, or alliterating, combined with his charming ability to repeat Leftist government talking points while miring in his own idiocy. This is not surprising onsidering is tied to the government-funded NOAA. Stu wrote a large article on today's about how this past winter can best be characterized as "relentless." He then spirals off onto a 3 paragraph tangent, huffing and puffing about how despite record snow events and a persistent blocking ridge over Greenland than funneled Arctic air right into the Caribbean, it's actually the 2nd warmest January ever, and that anthropogenic warming is the culprit. Apparently Stu Ostro, the snake oil salesman of meteorology, doesn't want to lose credibility or the one other reader of besides me. Well, it's kind of funny, because Stu first mentions that the El Nino of 2009-2010 (which I predicted last April) was the 4th strongest on record. Then he squawked about how this winter was the 2nd warmest in some places. Then, he attributed it to man-made factors. Let's review definitions, Mr. Ostroass:

1. El Nino warms the ocean.
2. Air passing over the ocean takes on the temperature of the water beneath it (think 6 months of straight 90 degree weather in Miami), making the air warm.
3. That air blows over America.

So, if it's El Nino's fault for warm air, that would be responsible for the overall warmmess of this past winter. NOT HUMANS. Unless billions of boatloads of humans started dumping boiling water into the Pacific Ocean at some point.


Anonymous said...

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Cory said...

I guess your idiocy shouldn't surprise me, since you are a right-winger.

Matt said...

Mr. Ostro does share some very liberally mainstream views on global warming, but he is NOT a shill by any means. He even concludes with:

"As I said at the start, the weather-climate system is very complex; that makes it difficult to sort out exactly to what extent any particular temperature or precipitation extreme of the past few months was caused by anthropogenic global warming vs. natural variability, but that doesn't mean that the former didn't play a role, and it is imperative that we continue to try to understand how the large-scale warming is affecting the weather."

In other words, we simply don't know how much what played in what role regarding this winter...and that we should continue to try and understand it. Whether you agree or disagree with anthropogenic climate change (My own *personal* belief is that the link is overblown...and I am a meteorologist), it is imperative that the climate system and how it is impacted continue to be studied. Because if you do not do that, then you'll never know exactly what's going on.

In the meantime, your simplistic explanation is so out of touch, it's bordering on hilarious. While I think there is not enough dissent being raised on this issue, it's folks like you that make people like us (skeptics) look bad and prevent us from gaining any credibility in global warming debates with these heavyweights....labeled as flat-earthers.

Mr. Ostro's explanation regarding a possible link to climate change is both meteorologically and climatologically feasible and plausible. Unfortunately, since you more than likely lack a degree in meteorology, you wouldn't be able to understand that. If you've read Mr. Ostro's columns rather than cherry pick them, you'd understand that he is an incredibly smart meteorologist, who has some very compelling views on the interaction between weather and climate. While I personally do not agree with him on every connection or link he's made, and while I more than likely support "your side" of the climate debate, I cannot accept someone ignorantly referencing him as a shill and personally attacking him.

Anonymous said...

wow...what an incredible oversimplification of the processes involved. Additionally, is not in any way tied to NOAA or any other government organization.

Anonymous said...

Winds over the El Nino region blow away from America, not towards it. Try googling "trade winds".

No offense, but why would anyone listen to climate theories from someone who literally does not know which way the wind blows?

met said...

ACT TWO, SCENE 1, in which Log Cabin Republican has his ass handed to him by people who actually understand the science