Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adam Kokesh: Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

I will confess up front this post is mostly reciting Michelle Malkins post but I think it's worth repeating. Don't be fooled by Adam Kokesh, a smear merchant running for Senate in New Mexico. like the plot of the Illuminati infiltrating the Vatican in Angels and Demons. Remember just a few years back, mr Kokesh marched around in a mock army uniform and holding a flag upside down, protesting the war effort. You can choose not to support our war, but don't protest our country and it's servicemen and women. Jerk.


Kyle said...

You do realize that Adam Kokesh's "mock" uniform is real, right? He actually served, and saw the wrong in our country's efforts.

blake said...

lol what?
Kokesh served in Iraq, nice research there.
Typical blogger depth of thought.