Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Liberal theft

With all the recent talk of nuclear missiles, mutual disarmament, and the removal of Islamic, psycho-Jihadis as a terror classification (all thanks to Chairman Zero [thanks Moonbattery]), I began thinking about what the immediate consequences of these actions are. I know that personally, the first thing I insinuate from this is that Obama is deliberately trying to induce America's decline.

Then I realize something else, something I wish other Americans realized. I wish that Americans realized they possess(ed) a weapon of unlimited power - the American spirit. This ethereal notion, championed by leaders from Washington to Reagan, is an idealogical manifestation of our Constitution, which itself was founded on Judeo Christian values. If you ask me, America is already a utopia; liberals needn't tax, regulate, confiscate and self deprecate us into an artificial one. You can come to America as the biggest nobody there ever was, and through hard work and by the grace of Providence become a real somebody. There is enough pie out there for all Her citizens, because we are a generous and industrious lot who, as Americans, possess a shared divine spark - the desire to improve ourselves. This gives us the ability to laugh in the face of adversity, to repel the deluge, to survive the flood.

I think we are exceptional. I understand why the world hates us: they don't understand that good things don't come easily. They mistake their laziness for exclusion. This America-directed hatred is no longer relegated to countries outside our domain, it now divides our country into those who have faith in the American way, and those who are unwilling to take that leap of faith. We call them the "haves" vs the "have nots." In my context, it goes much deeper than money. The "have nots" lack something so much more than just money, they lack the desire or will to live as Americans. When we don't get something, we don't get jealous and demand our Congressional representative to either steal or subsidize it for ourselves. We don't get jealous because we don't feel entitled to it in the first place - conservatives don't view the world through that framework. The reason you can't keep up with the Joneses is not due to chance, or some genetic lottery, or some perceived injustice. America was founded as an equilizer - it starts us all out at the same place. The reason you can't keep up with the Joneses has to do with YOU, not the Jones family. Liberal vitriol - the constant, seething hatred they all spew - makes sense when understood in this context, in the sense that I'm sure it's very painful to reflect upon a life of missed opportunitie and could-have-beens. Some people take solace in the fact that America is still the Land of Opportunity, that there are such things as second chances. In fact, here, there are such things as 10th and 20th chances. Some of us give up and are content to retire from the idea of betterment, to resign ourselves to the Nanny government and its handouts. My problem is not so much with the fact that certain people receive handouts. I would never begrudge somebody who stumbled into hard times, I have been there (am there currently) myself, as have people who came before me and as will those who come after. What I begrudge is that some people think their handouts should be paid for by everybody else. THEY begrudge everybody else. To get your piece of the pie, put in the time and more pie than you could ever dream will come to you. Stop trying to steal the piece I have, the piece that started as a dream, then a vision, then crust, the piece I sacrificed and worked for. It won't be as filling when you eat it.

Finally, this attack on the Christian religion must stop. I am not excusing bad behavior. However, Christians are not educating their faithful in taxpayer subsidized institutions on how to bomb and destroy buildings. Christians do not espouse a worldview which directs us to kill infidels, to "behead those who criticize" it, to punish by death those who speak ill, or those who choose not to believe in, our God. In times of crisis, it's Christian charities that you hear about donating money after every natural disaster. We hear of priests and nuns giving the homeless sanctuary, feeding the poor, caring for the sick and orphaned. In prison, does an Imam come to you to give you solace and comfort? Yes, some priests are bad seeds. Yes, shit happens. Yes, it is disappointing. How does turning away from God make any sense in times of confusion and despair? From a logical standpoint, Christianity is more valuable now than ever - as a bulwark against radical extremists. Good and Evil are qualities that exist in everyone of every creed. Modern, (Western) Christianity teaches us to embrace the former, to seek it in every aspect of our lives....and radical Islam does not.

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