Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pelosi wants it both ways

One wonders what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi.

In the latest mind-boggling decision, Pelosi proposes slapping a tax on Wall Street. This part makes sense, at least to liberals. After all, they believe that Wall Street and their deregulated appetite for greed caused the financial collapse - not the social engineering programs instilled by Democrats. The part that doesn't make sense is she now wants the tax (punishment) to be enforced overseas. The reason? TO STOP WALL STREET TALENT FROM GOING OVERSEAS. Check the full article out here:

Wall Street does not work for the American Government, Nancy Pelosi. The American Government, or what's left of it, doesn't get to turn an entire sector of the economy into a scapegoat using flawed logic, levy a tax against them as punishment (as if they don't already get taxed enough), then tell them they can't take their talent elsewhere, that they are forced INDENTURED SERVANTS of the American economy now, forced to perform their jobs at reduced wages and told they can't leave.

I'll keep Wall Street - I'd prefer Congress to leave. At least one of them does something for me.


Colin Bero said...

Some great conservative points you make there, but don't be too quick to fall into the lies and right wing propaganda that the Fox news channel throws out at us. They tend to be a one sided source of info. if you know what I mean.

JN said...

We shouldn't tax them for being loose with their money (and, arguably, ethics). We should let them fail.

To the above poster: A conservative slant seems apparent at Fox News. That said, if Fox News is propaganda then MSNBC is as well. It's well-settled that politics are involved in journalism - politics and advertising revenue - to hold a media outlet to be espousing propaganda on either side isn't getting anybody anywhere. Calling one side news and one side propaganda is just partisan rhetoric ON BOTH SIDES. I am of course referring to CNN's little moniker of the Communist News Network. Let's just face facts that we're going to have to sift through bias in journalism for a long time to come.