Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Racism, it's not just for Whites!

From Michelle Obama to institutions of learning, Whites are on the receiving end of racist idealogies, yet conservatives are the hate-mongers. Whether we "can never understand the plight of Blacks," to "we don't do enough to elevate the conditions of Blacks," or "even our best interests show a decidedly lack of sympathy or understanding about what it means to be Black" we can't win. We're not allowed to have White History month, White College Student organizations or White-only scholarships. We are already shortchanged by affirmative action - liberal mandates that deny evaluation based on merit in lieu of reparations.

Did anybody answer why Michelle Obama's Princeton senior thesis - about why Blacks shouldn't even want integration with Whites, and poignant and blatant statements about how she is obligated to use any of her resources, present or future, to elevating solely the Black community - was frozen to release until November 5th? A little suspicious. I wonder how much Princeton received from Obama's campaign funds to instate that policy.

When a well-respected, highly educated visiting professor to Loyola in Baltimore urged people to consider - not even to accept as fact, merely consider - that the income disparity between certain professions of Whites as opposed to Blacks might be a result of a disparity in intelligence and work output, he was silenced by the university amid a flurry of apologies from officials and the university. He had studies, facts and statistics to back his theory up too. Ironic, as academia is about the pursuit of knowledge, not controversy. God forbid a professor in academia asks a question and postulates theories. Kind of like how Copernicus and Galileo were silenced for thinking outside the box. Liberals have always tried to silence the pursuit of truth in favor of unfettered acceptance of dogma and mantra.

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