Monday, November 24, 2008

Round and round they go; where the issues stop, only the centrists know

Amaaaaazing how Obama and the media is already covering his tracks before he even starts making mistakes. Note that I no longer differentiate the media from the liberal media, as it's pretty obvious the two bear no differences.

Obama infused millions with his "hope," "change," and "new day" rhetoric. Then, he gets into office and what do you know? He's magically a centrist. If all "change I could believe in" encompassed was simply changing the scene back to 1992-2000, I may have believed in it! Obama's cabinet, transitional office and staff appointments are not the new, unseen faces he promised his constituency, but rather a rehash of the Clinton White House. How LBJ in the wake of Kennedy is he? Populating his offices with very well known Washington insiders, many of whom are doing the same job they had last decade.

Before I get too into this, I want to bring to light the fact that Obama is smart in a way - too often in the past, we always heard a politician promise something and renege. "Mark my words, no new taxes!" or "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" or "I will repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Bam bam bam, none came to pass. This time, he with his cronies, the media, are burning the midnight oil to make sure we know in advance he's probably going to be forced to renege on his promises and accept what he is classifying as irredeemable failures...however, he is luckily on the coattails of an outgoing administration with a 20% approval rating to use more than conveniently as a scapegoat.

Today we hear that the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. That doesn't bode well for the Welfare Whore who chillingly predicted she would no longer have to worry about paying her mortgage or for gasoline. P.S., to the liberals who defend this awful crackslut, no, I doubt that what she is trying to imply is that with Obama as president, she won't have to worry about not having the opportunities to be able to earn the money for these expenses, or she wouldn't have the little "if I help him out he'll help me" (so typical of their mentality) addendum. We also hear tales of the media saying "the problems facing Obama are so insurmountable, we can't hold him accountable if he fails." Well, he IS the Messiah. He's a miracle worker. He's of a higher plane, says Oprah and Chris Matthews. His path to the White House is of a "divine origin," therefore: we should be able to expect miracles. He promised change. Let's see some!

Now I will segue back into my second paragraph, about Obama's side-stepping politics. His shameless abandonment of the far left, the people that put him in office (well, along with the help of the idiots seen in the video here ) is not even being greeted with the fury it should be met with, at least not by as many people as it should be. Many far-leftists are furious. Even a few people at the Obama-can-do-no-wrong Daily KOS and that batshit crazy Huffington are crying foul. They feel alienated and used as mere props and puppets to get the extra millions of votes Obama needed, and rightly so. The second he got in, he laid down like a dog for Hillary and the established Democratic royalty. However, leave it up to the retarded, idealistic youth to help Obama gloss over his blatant and flagrant treason to his core constituency(I never once thought I would ever use the NYTimes to SUPPORT one of my points):

“We’re frustrated by it, but we understand,” said Mollie Ruskin, 22, who grew up in Baltimore and is spending the summer here as a fellow with Politicorps, a program run by the Bus Project, a local nonprofit that trains young people to campaign for progressive candidates. “He’s doing it so he can get into office and do the things he believes in.”

Nate Gulley, 23, who grew up in Cleveland and is also here as a Politicorps fellow, said too much was being made of Mr. Obama’s every move.

“It’s important not to get swept up in ‘Is Obama posturing?’ ” Mr. Gulley said. “It’s self-evident that he’s a different kind of candidate.”

Um yes Nate, it IS important to get swept up in it. He isn't a different kind of candidate. Your yellow-bellied candidate has proven himself to be just like every cuckold run of the mill politician. You voted for "change you could believe in." Your savior reneged on his promise to you. You are one of the reasons this potentially VERY DANGEROUS man holds the highest position in the land. Now you're sitting by, not with outrage but with neutered apathy and blind indifference. You're being naive, and hypocritical. He lied to you. Instead of realizing this, you're just saying "oh he had to do it, it's okay." What else? Once a liar, always a liar. When do you think it's going to stop? He abandoned you like a 16 year old Kansas boy would leave his pregnant inamorata at a Route 66 Wal-Mart parking lot. You're already making excuses for him.

To conclude, you can't make excuses for Obama so that he can never make a mistake. This isn't the CTA or Mayor Daley legislation. We've already seen plenty of mistakes. The media and Obama himself can't keep up this "oh well, even if I fail it's okay. If I lie, it's okay." It wasn't okay when Bush changed his mind. You can't enforce a double standard. Obama must be, and is going to be held accountable for all of his shortcomings, lies, hyperbole and bait-and-switching. There is one thing we should all be able to agree on. Whether you believe Obama's spectrum shifting is a result of being pragmatic and view it as necessary, or if you feel embittered and alienated by this two-face, one thing is for sure: Obama isn't the miracle-working Messiah you all thought he was. Period.

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