Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prop 8 and the Hypocrisy of Homos

It has dawned on me that as I run a blog for gay Republicans, I should probably address some topics that pertain to homosexuality. The first is slightly more serious, and by serious I mean not a ridiculous frivolous lawsuit by a fat, bitter middle aged homo.

A letter to the embittered grotesquerie that is California's homosexual population:

Homos: you lost. Deal with it. The way you are all handling your loss is completely irrational. Typical of a liberal. Let me talk to you about some of the signs I saw when I went by the Daley Center's November 15th Prop 8 Protest.

"Equal rights for equal people!"
"You can't deny our rights!"
"We don't tell you who can get married!"

Sorry girls. You already have equal rights. Just go read a little thing about civil rights. Even the most right-winged Republican understand, respects and is willing to cede you your civil right to be joined in a union with all the same rights and privileges of a heterosexual marriage with the partner of your choice. You are receiving equal rights. Marriage is a term steeped with religious connotation. In nearly almost every culture that ever was or is, marriage has been and is understood (and thanks to Prop 8, forever will be understood) as a union between a man and a woman before the eyes of God. I am against archaic interpretations of the Bible, but I think the writing's on the wall with this - it was pretty clearly spelled out that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, largely with the intent to reproduce. I won't go into the varied sociopolitical benefits underlying the historic value of marriage, such as family alliances and ensuring paternity, because I think that's tangential.

Secondly, nobody is taking away any of your rights. A rogue Supreme court overturned a constitutional amendment 7 months ago, if that. Those justices didn't reflect the will of the people. I know there is this big clamor that the margin was so small, with a difference in pro/con votes something like 3 or 4%, but you can't blame the Mormons, or the Catholics, or the Blacks or the Hispanics or people who donated money to the campaign to pass Prop 8. If you really think advertisements have the power to challenge and change people's core beliefs, you are naive as...well as a liberal. This wasn't "do you want the courthouse's wallpaper to be pink or red." This was a matter of protecting conservative values...and I know it must have been earth-shattering for your conceptions of an ultra-liberal California and the inherent "enlightenment" of its denizens to be completely refuted, but this is something a lot of people take seriously. Don't punish them for having their beliefs. It's totally, completely and 100% against what you preach in your politics, to be inclusive and respective of everyone's opinion. Hell, your party has gone so far as to enforce things like affirmative action and special interest group legislation because you are "so tolerant" and think "everybody has a chance." I guess you're only for equality when it results in you being more equal than everybody else.

The saddest part of this, is their demand for unequal equality has caused the Director of an L.A. Film Festival, Richard Raddon, some of HIS rights. The irritated and upset homos accessed public donation records, and now, not only are they boycotting and threatening businesses (a genius move in a collapsing economy), but they demanded the resignation of Richard Raddon. Michelle Malkin has a great piece on the story right here. The barrage of protests and threats his parent organization, Film Independent (FIND), has received in the wake of the Prop 8 decision, Raddon has been coerced into tending a resignation. Does denying a man his livelihood, and forcing him to stop contributing to a field he is talented and passionate about, a devotion that has undoubtedly brought about enriching, untold creative productivity, make any sense, because you're bitter? Your rights AREN'T BEING infringed upon. You can have unions. The unions = the same rights as marriage. Everybody will treat you as if you are married. They already do. Nobody took anything away from you, but you respond by taking away from a talented visionary. This is so typical to me of the liberal agenda - stifling the productive members of society if they exercise THEIR rights - RIGHT to an opinion, RIGHT to believe in whatever they want. Liberals will clamor to give international terrorists more rights by calling for their release from Gitmo, especially that fat vag Rosie, but they don't condone an American's exercising of his freedom of thought. Bravo, two-faces. P.S. you're really starting to prove you aren't even responsible enough to handle adult affairs like marriage anyways...the Prop 8 outcome was obviously for the best.

I love all the clips of gays bashing Blacks and Hispanics in the aftermath of having JUST VOTED FOR A CANDIDATE WHOSE CENTRAL MESSAGE WAS UNIFICATION. The Republicans are learning that we as a party have to put aside arbitrary differences to unify on grounds of our common values, which are more powerful than the things that divide us. I suggest you do the same. You can't make everybody happy all of the time. You still have your civil unions; nobody would dare ever try to take that away from you. That isn't the logical "next step" after they "took gay marriage away" from you. You never really legally had it in the first place. The people have spoken, and they said the rights you have are enough. After all, it's the same rights they have. Everybody will treat you the same as if you were "married." The law recognizes you the same as if you were "married." And, MOST importantly, you love each other as you would if you were "married." Unfortunately, the word itself means "a union between a man and a woman." That is solidified by the Bible. For all intensive purposes, the Bible is God's word. We are one nation under God. Sorry, but God wins. If you're so steamed about not having your own word for it, call it Garriage. I doubt anybody will stop you.

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