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Difference between Republicans and Democrats?

Rational thinking.
Using the scientific method.

This is lifted from a regional newspaper called The Naperville Sun. It serves as a perfect example of how the liberal media pigeonholes any, and I mean ANY right-wing dissent with Obama as racism, as if there can be no rational, logical or political reasons a person might disagree with his policies.

Covert racism? Please translate...
Patrick Ferrell
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You know how forwarded e-mails work. There are hundreds of names piled on tops of hundreds more, with dozens of e-mail signatures, and occasionally a message from one friend to another.

Of course, you never know any of these people, except for the one who sent it to you. But, still, if you're like me, you find it interesting to read their very often ignorant and off-base comments.

This one, again from somebody I don't know, was at the bottom of the e-mail in which the Barack Obama-referenced photo of the week was attached:

If I remember correctly this man got 51% of the vote and for the life of me I canʼt find anyone who will admit to voting for him. I wonder if he would have gotten elected if you had to vote verbally while on national television?

So what, exactly, does this dude mean? Is this some thinly veiled racism? Or is the comment just too shallow (or could my mind just be too feeble) to pick up on the greater point?


No Patrick Ferrell. No, for as much as Obama's campaign paid the Naperville Sun (owned by the Chicago Sun-Times, a publication whose liberalism is rivaled only by the NYT) to espouse that any anti-Obama sentiment is caused by racism, there is a multitude of other reasons that this individual might not like Obama. I'll go over a theory I have why this man said what he did.

I think that most people can't admit to voting for Obama because maybe, upon retrospection, they realized they were driven solely by emotional reasons to vote for a person that ultimately, they knew nothing about whatsoever. Maybe they were having the conversation with a learned or politically knowledgeable person who explained that Obama wants to raise taxes for only the upper middle class, maybe they explained he favors granting amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, maybe they explained Obama wants to create a civilian standing army, maybe they explained Obama really doesn't have much proven executive experience, and that this is the first true election he ever even actually won, maybe they explained how Obama dishonorably had all of his opposition, including his mentor, disqualified from the 1996 senate ballot, maybe they explained how Obama is the only president-elect arrogant and conceited enough to create his own Seal of the Office of President-Elect, maybe they explained that Obama has no American pride, maybe they explained that Obama was a proven member of the New Party, the socialist branch of the Democrats in the 90s, maybe they explained how for any time in our economic history, raising taxes have ALWAYS either caused a recession or drastically exacerbated existing ones whereas tax breaks have always stimulated the economy, maybe they explained that Obama's policy to grant more economic stimulus packages and increase infrastructure spending were the exact approaches adopted by FDR during the Great Depression which dramatically prolonged the impact and duration of the Great Depression rather than ameliorate it.
Maybe, since any liberal you pose the question "why did you vote for Obama," 9 times out of 10 you hear back "Why wouldn't you!?" or "Bush is an asshole!" or "You want more of McSame?? you're stupid!" or "He's a wonderful man" or "he gives great speeches." basically makes him a motivational speaker, not THE PRESIDENT. Way to go. You don't vote for the leader of the free world because he's charismatic. You vote the 8th grade student council president in for being charismatic. P.S. - Know who else got a big majority of the vote through charisma? JFK. Oh, yeah, and Hitler. Thanks Bay of Pigs, thanks World War II. I'm not saying Obama is the next Hitler - so don't use the opportunity to fucking call me a racist or say I am equating the two. What I am saying is history doesn't lie, and perhaps, just maybe, a few people now realize they were a little brainwashed or taken in by his personality and failed to evaluate him on his skills and qualifications, or lack thereof. Don't counter me with some Sarah Palin-is-stupid argument either - they weren't running for the same office, and no, she isn't. It's not being racist to argue that the majority of Obama's supporters know too little, or in some cases, nothing at all, about what he actually stands for. It isn't racist to argue that a substantial percentage of Obama's supporters lack a thorough understanding of American economic and political history, and it isn't racist to imply maybe they voted for him based on a trifecta of factors that have nothing to do with Obama's stance on the issues: the fact they hated Bush, couldn't or wouldn't consider the fact that our current economic woes are not automatically and by default caused by the incumbent party, and lastly, communally adopted a mob mentality and went with the guy with the reassuring smile. Sorry Patrick Ferrell. Enjoy Will county by the way.

This brings me to the question posed in my topic line. Conservatives are often labeled by liberals as hate-mongering idiots. Liberals love accusing conservatives of being old-fashioned, illogical, dumb, racist or any other a wide gamut of insults. This skews ironic as their party mentality is self-styled on premises of tolerance, acceptance and rationality. So far in this election, based on anecdotal evidence, blog comments, liberal media articles or video footage of the rallies, liberals are the angry ones, liberals are the ones screaming for Bush to be tried on war crimes, liberals are the ones calling conservatives hate-mongering anti-Americans. Liberals are the ones taking cheap shots at Sarah Palin for being from Alaska and speaking with a drawl, or John McCain being "old" or Bush being some Southern idiot. You know, um, that's more racist than any of the insults ever leveraged against Obama. Conservatives have NEVER made a character assault on Obama, insulted him or made an issue of his race. In spite of this, liberals started and never let up on the offensive, without any provocation whatsoever. Conservatives often have logical, historically-backed and factual arguments about why Obama is not the best answer for president, none of which ever insult his intelligence, heritage or race. Liberals respond not with a retort or counter argument, but by attacking the questioner, attacking Republicans, lambasting with character assaults, questioning intelligence, patriotism and intelligence, and fall back solely on high-powered emotional rants that lead to the invariable and inevitable conclusion that you are a racist for even asking, every time, without fail. I have yet to hear a liberal defend Obama's policies with a response framed by a logical argument, or by even answering the question. The most logical thing I have heard to date is "it can't be any worse than what we have now." That's the BEST they've come up with. What I have heard, ad nauseum, is a lot of Obama-worship, overzealous praise, swooning and fainting from exuberance, and a look of irrational rage and readiness to crucify anyone who dares question their dogmatic beliefs. They are the hate mongers, they are traitors to their party, they are intolerant, they are the ones who defend Obama not with reason but with daft propaganda-ridden vagueries like "yes we can," and "change we can believe in," writing off anyone who disagrees with his politics, not even him as a person, as racist. Conservatives were quick to congratulate Obama on his victory and be gracious in defeat, yet liberals are still quick to gloat, even when they don't know a thing about the person they put into office. 82% of Obama voters answered incorrectly when polled on Obama's political leanings, and instead of being concerned and maybe scared, they instead resorted to accusing the pollster of being, imagine this, a racist for even having the audacity to ask in the first place. Liberal teachers are looking the other way and allowing their students to eviscerate conservative students; liberal colleges are forbidding conservative guest speakers or professors to question Obama's competency and qualifications....and here of all places, the "land of the free," where you are guaranteed freedom of speech and expression. You're free all to agree with the mob. If not, you're free to be ostracized.

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