Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama the Dictator

"Obama will be ready to rule from day one."

That makes me want to form a Segue blog. On the first day of Obama's presidency, the name of this blog will change to "Day One," to categorize the promises and reneges of Obama. That was a quote from the AP earlier today. This brings me to how liberals are shifty liars.

Liberals - the ultimate truthbenders and hypocrites.

When you confront Obama supporters with some of your fears about an Obama presidency, a wide array of responses come back - none of which do anything to allay the concerns that prompted you to talk about them in the first place. Here are the most common concerns I voice, and the answers I receive.

"How do you think it's morally justifiable to impose tax increases on society's top earners and using that money to reward its moochers? You do know many of the people benefitting do not even pay taxes, right?"

- There are more middle class people than upper class people, so it's our time for a break.
- Oh well, they can afford it.
- Well it's time to make the upper class pay for keeping everybody else down for so long.
- Oh well, the upper class barely pays any taxes. (see my last blog for how that's the opposite of being true).
- The government's job is about redistribution, the money has to come from somewhere.
- Poor people deserve stuff too, is it that bad to take a little off the top to make sure everybody gets equal treatment?

All of those answers have one thing in common - they show total disregard for the upper class; instead they show contempt and even disdain and disapproval. Nevermind the thank-yous for all of the art, science, music (those artists were patronized by the wealthy). Nevermind the thank-yous for living in a world with the largest economy. Brings me to my next point, the one I started this post with.

"Are you concerned that Obama's rise closely mirrors that of other 20th century autocrats and dictators?"

Some of the liberal-minded responses:

-Oh, you mean as opposed to the white dictator we have now?
(not an answer to my question, liberal hate-mongering)

-Regardless, we need some kind of change.
(so a tyrranical dictator is better than free-market democracy, just because we are in the middle of a recession which when viewed in the larger scope of American history will appear as nothing more than a blip on our radar if you stop blowing it out of proportion because the credit-generation has taught you to expect instant gratification and nothing less)

-You are a racist!
(no, I'm really not. I'm concerned personal freedoms are going to be slowly and imperceptibly modified and phased out, covered up by huge speeces and public spectacles, liberal propaganda drilled into us ad nauseum, until we notice in 8 years that Congress has done away with maximum term limits on presidents and Obama is wearing a crown.)

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