Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Capitalism: 1776- Nov. 4th, 2008

Say good-bye to American values. Don't worry if you never got that dream job or the corner office - your new president will just steal from the people who did and give it to you. Don't pay taxes? Don't worry about having to start - oh, and here's a little bit extra we stole from that doctor over here and that and lawyer over there so you can feed your illegitimate children. Darwin must be turning in his grave. 57 more days that America's still a free country. The obvious conundrum to me is, why have marginalized people who make no financial or intellectual contributions to society suddenly now feel so entitled? What contributions have you made to society other than chronically asking for handouts and social welfare programs? Don't blame predatory lenders on your inability to pay your mortgage. Accept personal responsibility - a concept foreign to liberals - and blame yourselves for smoking weed throughout high school, not trying to better yourself and ultimately becoming part of the faceless masses of proletariats who don't contribute to society but think they deserve as big a piece of the pie as the guy who worked 3 jobs to put himself through school, sacrificed his twenties for education and now makes six figures. Yes, instead, congratulations for leeching off Clinton-era welfare reforms until somebody else came into office who promised to take care of you since you weren't interesting in helping yourselves. I understand why you think you deserve the same. Especially in the cases of put-upon immigrants who brought their socialist tendencies with them when they got off their raft or hollowed-out 1954 Cadillac. Just because the odds are against you ever making a difference doesn't mean you should penalize people who are willing to put in the work. Nothing comes easily to anybody. Everybody has it rough. Some people rise above it. Don't try to pull them back down by adding the dead weight of mandatory altruism. Think about this little caveat: the middle class moans and harps about how they aren't taken care of and how they feel ignored and how nobody cares about them. You think the current economic downturn is bad? (p.s. that was caused by liberal-mandated lending practices.) Wait until you alienate the movers and shakers of the upper class and make them take their business to Asian and European markets with them. Then watch what happens to unemployment. If you alienate the employers, who is going to pay you?

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