Friday, November 28, 2008 - the most racist Web site and Internet magazine in existence today.

I've never come across a more myopic, one-sided publication that spews as much anti-White rhetoric in my life. This Web site not only shunts all of the Black culture's failings onto White people, but it justifies media portrayals of the failure of minorities not due to their shortcomings, laziness or genetic predisposition toward disingenuity but rather due to White's failure to give them more handouts or make more excuses for them or the government failing to make life easier for them. By encouraging multiculturalism, which is just a way to hold the collective European-derived culture's head in the guillotine with the blade named "racism" perpetually hovering overhead, liberals and their cohorts - members of less productive cultures - manipulate White guilt into a way to neuter us into inactivity or speaking back against it, so that these minorities can further their own agenda, use more of America's resources and money and change policy to reward themselves and penalize the founders of the country.

In any case, The Root's "journalists" tried, a couple of months ago, to claim that the economic collapse due to the subprime mortgage industry's bust had nothing to do with Blacks or Latinos, and that insinuating otherwise is an example of cold-blooded racism. Let's see: pretty much every economist, literate person, and me all agree that yes, it was minorities' fault. I mean, why would the media want people to knwo the truth when reporters forge their careers feeding people certain facts to better gain control of the masses for the politicians who have them in their pockets (cough, Obama, cough)?

It's 3 a.m. and I'm high on tryptophan. I'm crashing, so maybe tomorrow or the next day I will find the actual statistics for the number of minorities who received subprime mortgages compared to the amount of defaults. In the meantime, google "race statistics for subprime mortgages." The results are telling and chilling. The overwhelming majority of subprime mortgages are a result of Clinton's minority-homeownership, no-criteria-needed home loans, further aggravated by Bush in his attempt to court minority votes for Republicans.

Now, the media, the NAACP and every other liberal organization (again, the media) is covertly accepting the blame through distraction and misdirection through turn-around. "Yes, maybe it is minorities fault by taking out mortgages with adjustable rates they wouldn't be able to afford, but it was the evil lenders' fault for pushing it on them. They didn't understand the terms." Well, learn to fucking read english and maybe you would.

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