Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rats of a Feather: Ellsburg cries 'foul' on administration's handling of poor little Brandon Manning

"Queer Traitor"

Sorry Brandon, you'll get no sympathy from this gay guy. Being a yellow-bellied traitor is the worst thing a person can be, in my opinion, and because you're a mealy mouthed, failure of an Army queer, it doesn't single you out for any special treatment or any sympathy. I was so glad to hear that the Army, on Wednesday (yesterday), decided to levy an additional 22 offenses on you. I hope you're enjoying the brig. What do you think your parents think of you?

In any case - Ronald Ellsburg - the guy who released The Pentagon Papers to the NY Times in the 1970s, detailing secret information on America's involvement in Vietnam from 1945-1969, believes that Manning is being unfairly treated, and being singled out. I hope he gets a capitol offense slammed against him personally - conspiring with the enemy. In any event, I get a kick out of reading the liberal blogs where unkempt, overweight Left Coast basement dwellers decry Manning as a hero of unparalleled courage. What is brave about squealing? Your country comes first.

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