Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calderon to U.S.: It's Your Fault Our Drug War is a Miserable Failure

Mexico's "Center-right" President, Felipe Calderon, was elected in 2006 and quickly made the priority of his administration the tackling of Mexico's gang-drug problem. Let the Leftist Chorus sing: "It's the West's fault Mexico has a gang and drug problem." Remember, the Europeans who settled America "stole" Mexico from the Europeans who settled Mexico. Sorry, Aztlan theorists. Plus, our standard of living and our success meant there is apparently less for Mexico to have. Moving back from my tangent. Calderon's struggle to reclaim vast tracts of Mexican territory lost to drug-peddling gangs resulted in approximately 36,000 lost souls in the last 4 years, including drug dealers, gang members, police, army, and civilians.

Calderon, slipping in the polls and facing the ire of his entire country for his abysmal handling of the situation and the rampant escalation of drug violence, is surely looking for a scapegoat, so he hopped on the most popular bandwagon of the last 100 years: Blame America. Let's go down a simple list of his cries:

1. "Americans have money and a huge appetite for drugs!"
2. "Americans don't have a ban on guns and are selling assault weapons to the gangs!"
3. "America isn't doing enough to help us!"
4. "America enforcing its borders and national sovereignty is causing Mexicans to turn to gangs and drug dealing!"

Sweetie, honey, save it. We already feed, clothe and house the bottom 25th percentile of your population - your derelict, undesirable border-hoppers. Try adding something to your GDP other than remittances. Felipe needs to be re-acquainted with the term "stop biting the hand that feeds you." He can't take care of his own constituents, so it somehow fell on our shoulders, because through some chutes-and-ladders convolution of logic, it's America's fault for Mexicans killing each other, in Mexico. Well, this violence has gotten so out of hand, it is spilling over onto American soil, and Americans are getting killed.

You know - no matter what America does, we never get a thank-you. We give the entire world handouts they don't deserve, we get nothing back except criticism and hatred. For one year, I want all the money that usually leaves our borders in terms of charity of any kind to stay in the country. Force all remittances to be spent on our GDP. I just want to see what would happen. I want to see what would happen if we stopped propping up the UN. Would Mistakeretary Ban-ki Moonbat flip out? Would we experience phenomenal growth? Of these things I'm not sure, but I am sure of this: if we keep giving people handouts and we get nothing back but disrespect, what do you think more money is going to do? I don't think we can afford to help Mexico, and I don't think we should, unless they let us do it on our terms. Mexico doesn't respect our sovereignty, but I'm sure our foreign aid, troops, and special ops would have to respect theirs.

The High Road is something America has always followed - that is more than I can say for the rest of the world. Mexico's war on drugs is a manifestation of a systemic, deeply rooted problem in their society. Until Calderon can figure out a way to generate economic prosperity with a plan that doesn't include shipping dirt-poor Mexicans to America to work illegally, drugs and gangs will proliferate. They are a product of poverty. The question is - just how morally impoverished is Calderon and his administration?

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