Wednesday, March 9, 2011

James O'Keefe Finally Makes NPR Wake Up to Half the US Population - Bye Ron Schiller!

Let's face it - despite the fact that NPR is funded, in significant part by "white, middle America," they haven't exactly had the most warm, friendly relationship with "white, middle America." NPR seems to pride itself for its hard-earned status as newsbastion to the erudite elite Left. See "Juan Williams firing" if you have any doubt about that - thoughtcrimes are punishable by termination.

James O'Keefe - the conservative founder of Project Veritas - is probably best remembered as the brainchild behind the 2009 ACORN and Planned Parenthood exposes, or perhaps the 2010 controversy behind Sen. Mary Landrieu's failed phone-tapping attempt (oops!) In any case, he videotaped NPR's Rob Schiller speaking with two prospective (fake) Muslim donors, and verbally tongue-lashed America's Tea Party movement, Christians, and right-wing constituency, which, if you remember, makes up about 50% of our country. While interpretations of the video differ - some believe that he didn't really say anything incriminating and stuck to pretty standard fundraising tactics, whereas others are appalled - what is certain is you're going to have a reaction one way or the other. Here is a link to the video:

NPR summarily dismissed Schiller - a far cry from the days of the ouster of Juan Williams. Could it be the pendulum is finally swinging in the other direction? I give NPR credit for respecting the beliefs of a major part of the American population and doing what it thought it had to do, instead of sweeping this under a rug, pretending it didn't happen, or skirting the issue until it went away.

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