Friday, March 4, 2011

Graydon Carter's Pet Can't Stay On Topic - How Vanity Fair's James Wolcott went from Piers Morgan to Sarah Palin in 2 minutes or less

Link to Full Article: I know it takes about 10 minutes to read, but this is, I promise you, the worst piece of "journalism" that has ever been published:

How does this happen? I know Graydon Carter has become the laughingstock of the publishing world, as Vanity Fair begs and pleads to hang on to dear life. It's becoming pretty obvious why. James Wolcott is, perhaps, the least objective journalist since Helen Thomas, who, thankfully, is only moments away from death. A piece he begins by talking about Piers Morgan fails to mention his name in the entire back 50% of the 3 page article.
Instead, not even functional as a paean to the Democratic party or liberals in general, it devolves into a hit-piece on Sarah Palin. It appears PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) has reared its head - at fucking Vanity Fair. I'm sorry - are you Newsweek?

Sarah Palin really needs to be researched as an alternative fuel, because Jesus f*ing Christ, people have been fueling their rage with her for over 2 yeaaaars. I *hate* Obama, like, I really, honestly hate him, and at least there are a million reasons to hate him....but even me, 2 years later, has mellowed out a bit. I barely mention his incompetency or laughable idiocy at all anymore. How does talking about Piers Morgan's desire to brand himself turn into a review of Sarah Palin's Alaska within two paragraphs? NO WONDER YOUR PUBLICATION IS BANKRUPT, GRAYDON. YOUR WRITERS HAVE ALREADY ALL SOLD OUT.

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