Monday, December 8, 2008

It's not beating a dead horse if the horse refuses to die

So, I get a lot of "okay, you love pointing out liberal double standards...when will you stop?" I'll stop when their hypocrisy stops. If Washington, D.C. is the "Hollywood" of the East Coast, referring to the fame, controversies and high-profile lives of politicians reflecting those of Tinseltown, then Minnesota is the perfect halfway point for the marriage of the two. Not content to be a waste of space, Minnesota has made a career of courting ex-celebrities to become politicians, i.e. Jesse Ventura, and now Al Franken. On all the message boards regarding Al "ScumTrash" Franken's recount to the Pointless State's (Minnesota) recount, liberal bloggers love bitching about, I mean, referencing W's "corrupt" and "anti-Constitutional" induction as POTUS by the Supreme Court in the highly contested 2000 election. Since when the F do libs care about "unconstitutionality" of the Supreme Court? Oh that's right, only when it suits them. Never mind that the Supreme Court just threw out the investigation into Obama's constitutionality criteria fulfillment to be eligible to actually be President. Never mind that he may not be constitutionally acceptable to become President, but thanks to them, we may never know. They only care when the Supreme Court actually does its job, and when it does, they are the first to yell "fire." When it reneges, or "throws the case out" libs are all too happy to not address the issue themselves. Another sterling example of liberals picking and choosing the parts of the Constitution that works in their favor, when it works in their favor. They are also the first to call conservatives "whiners." Caveat: onomatopoeia wise, "Franken" is the same noise as "whining."

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