Friday, December 5, 2008

Che Guevera = piece of trash. Just like those who respect him.

Like a moth to the flame, one and the same...

For those (i.e. college liberals, underprivileged immigrants, 'tards) who enjoy the mass butcher, hypocritical, opportunistic douchebag Castro cuckold named Che Guevera, which I believe translated means "Scumfucker," I have just one question: why? You know he was as incompetent in battle as he was at life, right? In a capitalist society, how can anybody respect people who supported mobilizing the proletariats and forcing wealth redistribution? You should be executed for high treason for the very thought. If you aren't happy, or succeeding, in a capitalist society, the problem isn't the society. It's you. Bring your "ideals," and I use the term loosely as there is nothing idealistic about them, elsewhere. Every "revolutionary," which is another name for "self-promoter who seeks to compensate for personal inadequacies and misdirected rage stemming from a lifetime of perceived and often real failures, having a less-than-desirable background, and typically suffering from classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder" who ever tried imposing a communist regime left nothing but legacies that are historically closely correlated with media subjugation, oppression, mass murders, unrest and economic hardship and depravity on a national level. Don't worry; on Jan. 20th 2009 I can just substitute everything I just said with "welcome to America!"

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