Tuesday, December 2, 2008

FEMA deserves your respect, not your contempt

Well, I'm not sure who owns, but why am I guessing it's owned by MSNBC? It's liberal drippings reek of anything you've ever read on or seen on the network.

"FEMA, whose name became a bad punchline after its botched job after 2005's Hurricane Katrina" is just one quote from a story entitled "Debris pile becomes symbol of FEMA delays."

Let's see. Poor minorities largely inhabit the Gulf Coast. Most of the Gulf Coast counties are rural on top of it. Hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast. Poor minorities don't buy insurance. Poor minorities got involved in subprime mortgages. The housing bubble burst, causing trillions of dollars of equity loss and derivative devaluation. THERE'S NO F*ING MONEY LEFT FOR FEMA TO DO ITS JOB, AGAIN. None of you people learned after the entire Hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005. There's no money left, and guess what? It isn't FEMA's fault. They are doing the best job they can with the resources they don't have and can't afford to buy after a.) you pulled this shit in 2005 and b.) um, the government spent 6 trillion dollars bailing out an economy YOU squandered because YOU borrowed the American dream on credit, credit you should never have even qualified for. Guess what again? Iowa, Missouri and Illinois didn't need FEMA during the 2008 floods. We didn't hear a thing about FEMA. Sure, counties applied for disaster relief, BFD. Those people did the work themselves. If you value your property so badly, stop trying to squat in houses you didn't pay for and get to work. I love the excuse of "well, the illegals are afraid if they apply for jobs people will find out they're here illegally." There's your first problem. Try...going home? Try going "through the proper channels"?

I don't understand why whenever something bad happens, "some" people automatically run under the assumption it is the government's job to help them. People are whining the government isn't doing anything to help Americans losing their homes. Maybe these Americans bought outside their means and need to learn a lesson they NEVER LEARNED AS CHILDREN. The passing the blame buck is so atrociously disgusting... we hear "well, the predatory lenders really pushed it on me." Grow a f*ing sack and say "no, I don't have the money, period." There's nothing difficult about that. You wanted to keep up with the Joneses except you made $30k a year, not $150. Do you know what the colloquial term is for a government that takes care of you from cradle to grave? A Nanny State. We're capitalists, not socialists. Fundamentally, when you get down to it, you are responsible for your own destiny. That's why we live in America. You reap what you sow. You can't reap somebody else's harvest because you didn't spend enough time planting. And you can't run to the government to ask for more when it turns out you didn't plant enough. It's not their job to baby you until you retire....whoa, I should stop myself, considering another headline on today was "Pension bailout next?" Get over it. You have to let things correct themselves naturally or things will never get to where they should be. Not everybody is going to come out winning. That's just reality.

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