Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sara Robinson: Pathologically Retarded?

Sara Robinson:
The asinine ramblings of Sara "Vagina Dentata" Robinson are as idiotic as they are insipid. The (false) prophets of the Left are at it again - blanketing all conservative opposition under the undeserved yet overused "racism" knell. If this were a video game, or Dungeons and Dragons, the "racism" card would be the cheap Endgame magic that ultimately resulted in you not passing go and not collecting your $200.

Spit out anything you're eating in advance as I invite you to take a second to read this drivel. As evidenced by her lackluster writing style, I'm game to guess that Robinson spent more time slobbing the English Professor's pole at her fancy liberal education instead of paying attention.

Gay. Honestly, you give the GOP far too much credit. We are too busy trying to find ways to reverse the statist damage you are doing to our Republic to have the time to engage in some racial conspiracy. Blacks are 12% of our population; you want to take 100% of our money. Guess what we care more about? BOO YAH, whore.

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