Friday, May 8, 2009

Crappy Nappy's Perpetual Idiocy

Mistakeretary of Homeland Security, Janet "Crappy Nappy" Napolitano, or as I like to call her, "La Walrusse," for her uncanny, doppleganger-like resemblance to the tusked, blubbery finned mammal, has found herself and her retardepartment of Homeland Security in the news for gross incompetency, racism and demonstrating an overall and inexcusable lack of respect for um, MOST people. By now, everybody is aware of the infamous DHS memo claiming that religious people, returning veterans and a slough of other blanket criteria that include basically 90% of Americans, all have the potential to be domestic terrorists. She has also demonstrated an alarming lack of historical knowledge when it comes to the history of terrorism in North America, suggesting that terrorists have come through Canada in the past. She also claims that crossing the border illegally is "not a crime per se."

Chalk another brilliant appointment up to the Chocolate Genius. Ugh man, my apartment is so cramped, I could sure use more lebensraum. Oops! Label me a domestic terrorist. I used a German word. God Bless you Janet. Oops - strike two, I invoked the Christian God.

I swear that doesn't say "bulldyke," it's an acronym. I can't remember for what though.

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