Thursday, January 8, 2009


Since America is hellbent on becoming a nation that hates its founders, I would like to take the opportunity to expose one of the liberal media's most hateful harbingers.
The name of this blacktress is Gwen Ifill. You may remember her as the hateful and myopic "moderator" which clearly means "ringer" for one of the 2008 Presidential debates. In her "book," entitled "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the 'Age of Obama'" this sham fraud relays the conversation that Diane Patrick, wife of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, had with the Boston Globe, chastising the outlet for the use of the "racist" term 'tricked out' to describe the Gov.'s new Cadillac.

"'It didn’t have boom boxes, speakers on the outside, but they called it tricked-out,'”Ifill quoted Patrick as saying."

Hey Gwen Ifill, how about this: you are a hate-mongering fat bitch who hates White people, has a face like a bonobo and very well may be the missing link. Do NOT claim to be bipartisan. You're biparti-sham.

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