Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bipartisanship is not what politics is about...

Um, so there are two political parties because the majority of Americans believe in different idealogies. Unfortunately, the idealogy Barack Hussein Obama believes in is that of socialism.

For those of you living under a rock, Robama Hood is eagerly trying to pass a nearly $1 trillion bailout on top of the $750b bailout Bush already passed. He screeched at Republican lawmakers opposing the magnum opus of his 8 day legacy, the one that will get him forever known for as the man who destroyed capitalism, claiming that they "can't listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done" and he's angry there is not a bipartisan spirit. NO SHIT THERE ISN'T A BIPARTISAN SPIRIT - Republicans DON'T WANT YOUR INDENTURED SERVITUDE ACT being passed! And who are we kidding? The only reason he wants a "bipartisan" spirit is when this "stimulus" fails to stimulate anything other than welfare class self-entitlement, he'll get to shove the blame onto Republicans, which is all Democrats are really good at.

Don't get me started on Rahm Emanuel, the pinnacle example of Short Man's complex. The midgetous Emanuel states today that one should "never let a crisis go to waste," expounding on this by explaining that severe crises are ways to dupe people into accepting changes they would never have gone for. What a piece of shit. "Rahm-Bo" the Clown.

The truth is plain and simple. Liberals, in an effort to garnish ill-gotten votes, cater to the lowest common denominator - the poor, disenfranchised and minorities. They do this because anybody with common sense and self pride is already a Republican. To make their constituency feel better about being part of the trashy party, they pretend they are the party of altruism and equality. They throw libelous words and phrases around they don't really understand, like "Cheney and the other neocons are war criminals." They release ridiculous "studies" and "facts" claiming that "Democrats tend to be better educated and wealthier" which are the same conclusions you would draw from any comparison of urban to rural communities, urban areas being bastions of Trashocrats. It is no surprise liberals congregate in large cities - the herd mentality these Sheeple exhibit is much more conducive in areas of high population density, so that way when the blind lead the blind, they have a better chance of success just in terms of statistics.

Obama is a shyster fraud. He is robbing us of our dignity and collective spirit. What an arrogant douchebag! Who the hell does he think he is? He was probably too busy dealing heroin (allegedly) and smoking weed during his college days to pay attention in either history or economics, when the rest of us who had to go 2nd tier schools (because we couldn't take advantage of minority quota acceptance like he and his wife) were learning that a.) socialism is bad, anti-American and always fails and b.) government spending exacerbates recessions, not alleviates them.

I hate Barack Obama. I hate Nancy Pelosi. I hate Rahm Emanuel. I hate socialists. I hate Democratic Socialists. I hate Democrats.

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