Monday, June 29, 2009

the great welfare scam

so, my attention has just been brought to a rather interesting fact. A friend of mine works in a hair salon near Roosevelt and state st in Chicago. Her employees, all black, openly boast about how while many of them don't require link cards, the equivalent of food stamps, all of them apply for them anyways. Some of these women are eligible for $500 a month. They then offer to buy groceries for their friends or other women for half price, I.e. They'll buy $100 of groceries on their link card u
in exchange for $50 in cash. Incidentally these are the people who clamor the loudest for Obama and other

Maybe instead of raising taxes ad infinitum and ad nauseum, the city should crack down on the billions of dollars being STOLEN and lost to FRAUD. Try to imagine the billions saved not to mention maybe encouraging ghetto welfare queens to drop their sense of entitlement and maybe look for jobs or other ways to invest into the community instead of just taking.

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Anonymous said...

Anybody that attempts to reform welfare will have to ignore the cries of "racist" from the lazy masses. It's a tricky situation for politicos.