Thursday, February 5, 2009

If a celebrity says something liberal and nobody thinks they have any credibility, why does it still make a sound?

Ashley "I've never been in a high-grossing or critically acclaimed movie" Judd has had time, inbetween hiding food from her grossly overweight alcoholic, depressed half-sister Wynonna, to come down with Palin Derangement Syndrome. In the latest liberal attack on a woman who has done absolutely nothing wrong, from a woman who has absolutely no idea what she is attacking, Judd has taken pot-shots at Palin for condoning shooting wild wolves from helicopters. To the naked, uninformed eye, this practice seems barbaric. However, being uninformed about any issue, let alone a hotbed environmental issue, should not be characteristic of a 40something Hollywood actress whose opinions are taken to heart by her vapid fans. Er, fan.

Let's review the facts. Alaskans depend on moose and caribou for food and a multitude of other resources. Until recently, the environment was in equilibrium, until "conservation efforts" put into place by liberals forced native Alaskan wolves out of their indigenous range and out into adjacent quadrants, where they metastasized, multiplied exponentially and have nearly eradicated the native caribou population. So, Governor Palin, depending on one of her most valuable assets - native wisdom - (a wisdom Ms. Judd does not have, far removed from the reality of those living in Alaska in her Los Angeles-area ivory tower) allowed hunters to take measures to control the wolf population by sniping them from helicopters, so that the livelihood and well-being of literally thousands of isolated Alaskans remained intact. A liberal always places animals' rights before human beings'. However, let us remember, these wolves would most likely have stayed quarantined to their native ranges had liberals not interfered with natural order.

I would like to apologize on behalf of the insightful and actionary Governor Palin for looking out for the best interests of her state's population. I apologize she valued the lives of thousands of human beings more than the lives of lupine predators who would start going after humans when the caribou population went extinct. Lastly, I would like to apologize to the irascible Ashley Judd for being too much of an invalid to do some background readings and base her viewpoints on logic rather than emotion. Maybe she realized she hasn't had any blockbusters....for quite some time, or really, ever. Maybe she desperately wants to jump on the feel good Obama kool-aid bandwagon and attack the reputations of people she has never met or knows nothing about, before people wise up to the fact they were duped by the left's lies and no longer support any liberal causes. Maybe she was under pressure by an agent to do something - anything - to get back in the limelight. Next time Miss Judd, I recommend a Vanity Fair shoot instead of backing a cause that is going to bite you in the Golden Globe...oh wait, you don't have one.

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